Business / Manufacturing

AQC's Business Process Improvement products are designed to help businesses improve their operations and generate more profit. This is accomplished through analyzing the company's operations and applying proven techniques to increase efficiency while encouraging teamwork and individual responsibility.

Some of the Process Improvement techniques employed are:

Process Analysis / Improvement:

  • Process flow analysis
  • Quality Control analysis
  • Operator training
  • Work In Process analysis
  • Material Handling

Cost Improvement:

  • Manufacturing Costs improvement
  • Quality Cost improvement
  • Service Costs
  • Warranty Analysis

Capture - Process Improvement Methods:

  • Employee involvement in process improvement
  • Project development to align with companys' goals
  • Performance tracking and improvement

Lean Manufacturing:

  • Streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing planning

Plant Layout:

  • Operations layout improvement
  • Kan Ban and / or cell manufacturing
  • Product flow improvement

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Survey Development
  • Data Collection
  • Customer Satisfaction Reporting