Advantage Quality Consulting successfully assists companies in becoming more successful. No matter if you're a manufacturer or service provider, AQC has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.


Business / Manufacturing Improvement

Changing your organization to be more efficient and proactive is the key to survival. Progressive companies build upon employee talent, and develop programs to jump start to the next competitive level.

AQC offers programs in process improvement, cost control, quality improvement, lean manufacturing, plant layout, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Quality Systems Development

Progressive businesses are always striving to improve the effectiveness of their quality systems. Quality systems are not just those which are used by the quality organization. They are separate and individual systems that are used to operate all departments of the business.

AQC offers improvement services by bench marking your processes against international standards and then helping your in-house teams change operations to meet these requirements.

If you wish to achieve a competitive advantage, AQC can assist you through implementation of a quality system, an ISO registration, or compliance with industry standards.


AQC offers a variety of training programs, which complement our consulting services. These courses are available for presentation at your site and may be taken independently or combined with AQC's consultation services. Our trainers are industry professionals that know both the subject matter and effective methods of implementation. Classes may be held in the comfort of your premises to minimize travel and still allow personnel to conveniently administer their responsibilities. Emphasis is placed on providing the participants with a pleasurable experience that enhances the retention of the material presented.

Participants in AQC's training classes receive appropriate training material and certificates of completion for in-depth training courses.

Supplier/ Vendor Improvement Programs

Being able to work with your suppliers or vendors to improve their products and processes (or evaluate new suppliers is critical to supply chain management.). Maintaining a staff to perform these operations can be expensive.

AQC relieves this concern by offering supplier improvement programs that are affordable and available when you need it. Our programs have helped our clients maintain their quality / supplier management costs as well as allowed smaller businesses the ability to implement programs usually only available to larger companies.

Our experience has helped companies to determine the process effectiveness of their suppliers. AQC assists in improving or maintaining a cooperative process between you and your suppliers so improvements can be more easily be implemented.