Welcome to Advantage Quality Consulting

AQC's mission is to help you obtain a competitive advantage through quality improvement. Feel free to contact us at 585-247-4154 or by completing the form on the "Contact Us" page.

Bob Stein

AQC is known by it's ability to deliver cost-effective business solutions to:

Improve operations
Become more efficient
Increase revenue
Develop personnel
Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals that have over 30 yrs. experience in business, design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. This knowledge base, obtained in various business sectors, assures our clients of the broadest experience to assist them in developing effective solutions.

AQC is based in Rochester, New York. This has provided our clients with quality assistance without high overhead costs. Our scheduling flexibility allows us to develop quality solutions quickly.

What is our approach?

AQC's approach to process improvement is to listen and understand each client's needs, and then assist them in developing a project plan. We specialize in working with our clients and adjusting to their priorities and resource availability. A team effort is used to expand personnel skills, to maximize effectiveness, and to ensure that expertise is left "in-house" once the project is completed.

AQC's goal is to develop simple, easy to implement, solutions to help businesses improve their processes. We also provide services for those clients wishing to implement more advanced techniques, but do not want to hire additional in-house support staff.

Who are our clients?

AQC is able to serve companies of any size. We have successfully assisted both manufacturers and service oriented businesses. The following is a partial list of AQC clients.
Eastman Kodak Company *
Harris Interactive Inc. *
Precision Grinding and Manufacturing *
Chili Plastics *
Light Fabrications *
Zecal Corp. *
JML Optical
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson

* obtained ISO registration